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Fun, Fitness, and Friends. USTA Junior Team Tennis brings kids together in teams to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other teams. It promotes social skills and important values by fostering a spirit of cooperation and unity, as well as individual self-growth. It’s a fun environment for kids in which they learn that succeeding is really more about how they play the game – win or lose.

WHY JUNIOR TEAM TENNIS? If your kids love swinging a racquet, they’ll love it even more as part of a team. With nearly 100,000 players competing nationwide, USTA Junior Team Tennis brings players together to enjoy camaraderie and teamwork, providing a fun environment for kids to learn that succeeding is really more about how they play the game – win or lose. USTA Junior Team Tennis is designed for kids ages 5-18 and for players of all skill levels. After school or on the weekends, you can be assured that your kids are getting a lot of play time and all the benefits that go with that: exercise, time with coaches, sharpening skills in matches and much more. It's all part of the Junior Team Tennis timeline that begins today. Once more, your first move is to contact your section coordinator to get started with the sport for a lifetime. HOW TO GET STARTED Contact a Junior Team Tennis coordinator close to your home. The list, on the right, breaks down staffers by So Cal USTA sections. (Click on League Coordinators if you don't see the list on the right.) Your coordinator will help you find the program that's right for your family. Our Section Coordinator understands the excitement – and questions – that come along with getting your start with Junior Team Tennis. Feel free to reach out to Ken and he will be happy to offer expert help and service and point you in the proper direction. FUN FOR ALL AGES & BACKGROUNDS Play in USTA Junior Team Tennis involves singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Best of all, USTA Jr. Team Tennis is for children of all ages, including those 10 and under, featuring leagues with smaller courts, shorter and lighter racquets, and lower-bouncing and slower-moving balls. As kids learn the game, we do our best to make sure that everyone has a chance to be part of competitive play.

Ken Grassel

310.208.3838, ext. 233  grassel@scta.usta.com



    Coachella Valley
    Tom Fey

    (760) 200-8200




    San Bernardino

    Tony Chatfield

    (951) 642-0015



    Los Angeles

    South Bay  
    Montez Noa

    (562) 234-1869


    San Diego
    Conan Lorenzo

    (619) 846-3094




    Orange County

    Heidi Stryker

    (714) 955- 2726




    San Fernando Valley Santa Clarita Valley

    West Los Angeles

    Nancy Abrams

    (818) 326-6718





    San Gabriel Valley

    Pierre Mareschal

    (626) 744-1650



    Santa Barbara

    Cathy Ann Simon

    (805) 680-3870



    Ventura County

    Emily Wagner

    310. 801-3608



    Printable List:

    Area League Coordinators

    Want to be an Area league Coordinator?

    Please contact Ken Grassel at grassel@scta.usta.com for further information!


    It is now easier than ever to form a team or run a program for USTA Junior Team Tennis. There are two distinct tracks – local Junior Team Tennis and Championship Junior Team Tennis. The local track allows kids and team organizers to play on a more local level with flexible structures, while the Championship track provides teams the opportunity to advance to a National Championship. Contact your USTA section coordinator for more information on forming a team or starting a program today.


    There are many benefits of supporting team-based play. Your team will learn the value of playing for their teammates and the importance of sportsmanship. Also, team-based play is an integral part of the player development process. From a professional perspective, you are able to grow your business by running practices during the Junior Team Tennis season and will attract more attention to your programs. Junior Team Tennis encourages level-based play in supporting a fun, positive and competitive experience.


    We’ve got everything you need to get started. We’ll provide the resources and support so you can start, grow and retain your Junior Team Tennis team or program.


    Now is the time to start a Junior Team Tennis team. New, flexible team structures make it easy to get more kids playing. Organize a team and build a groundswell of tennis excitement to attract new families to your facility and build your business.


    More teams: gender neutral and single gender teams

    More local play: kids play at least twice each match

    More fun: cooperative line-ups for level-based play



     Think nationally, act locally. Your first move should be to get in touch with your local USTA coordinator and find an opportunity close to home.


    If you are unsure of where to start, search for the coordinator in your section. If you're unsure of your USTA section, you can find it by clicking here.


    STEP 2:  "SAFE PLAY"

    Become acquainted with Safe Play. "Safe Play" embodies the organization's commitment to respect and safety for all tennis participants, including those in Junior Team Tennis. In the spirit of creating a safe and fun environment for all, we require Junior Team Tennis coaches, managers, co-managers, and local coordinators to take part in this program, consisting of safety training, policy review and a background screen.


    Learn all about USTA Safe Play, and click here to register for your background screening session.



    We're always learning more about this great sport and how to instruct kids so that they can maximize their talents. A collaboration between the USTA, USPTA, PTR and the USOC, CoachYouthTennis.com can be a great resource!


    This innovative program provides valuable educational resources for coaches of every level – review interactive online courses and sign-up for on-court workshops, quick and easy.







    The benefits of tennis are many. Getting children into the sport at a young age helps them develop physically, mentally and socially. They learn lessons inside the lines of a tennis court that they can apply to life outside as well. Add to those benefits an environment in which they can share everything with friends and teammates and you’ve got the essence of USTA Junior Team Tennis.


    Our sister site, YouthTennis.com, gives a great breakdown of everything positive the game brings to young players.


    It's a sport that challenges all parents to learn a bit more about themselves, too.




    Nearly 100,000 kids from coast to coast are enjoying Jr. Team Tennis annually, thanks to the parents who donate their time and dedicate their talents to transform communities. Here's how you can, too:

    Become an organizer: If you don't know if there's a team near your home, don't hesitate to ask your section. They're always there to advise. If there's no team around, no worries – you can volunteer to start a team and the USTA will help coordinate locally.


    Become a coach: If you think you'd enjoy an active role on the court, check out our Coaches Corner. With a few quick steps, you can get right in the game.

Call SCTA and ask for a member of the Junior/Youth Team 310.208.3838